Welcome to Chrissie's Wordl of Love

Welcome to Chrissie's Wordl of Love

Hello, I'm Christine, 26 years old, mom of a six years old boy and lesbian. So my girlfriend, some other friends and I have had the idea for Chrissie's Wordl of Love nearly two years ago after my grandfather passed away we cleaned his small appartment and found "tons" of magazines.
Chrissie's Wordl of Love is a new little bit kinky blog. I'm going to provide you with some special content like hairy girls, girl-on-girl, girls fun with toys and speculums, pregnant and lactating females, fruit and vegitable insertions and of course strapon games, machine fun and much more kinky things, too.
Dear Ladies, it's no shame to visit Chrissie's Wordl of Love it's a blog made not only for males. I hope you like my small blog and I'm looking forward to hear your ideas and proposals (mailto:chrissie_xxl [at] yahoo.de).

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Hairy Girls
More hairy girls soon.


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More lesbian girls soon.


C_allt002c.jpg C_allt002.jpg C_allt002b.jpg

Toys for daily use
More vaginal toys soon.


C_allt002c.jpg C_allt002.jpg C_allt002b.jpg

Backdoor Toys and Huge Dildos
More anal toys and huge dildos soon.


C_allt007.jpg C_allt007b.jpg C_allt007c.jpg

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Pink Show Down
The second face and center of lust. More soon


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Wonderful Backdoors and Brown Caves
More butts soon.



Puffy Nipple Parade
More breasts and
nipples soon.



Pregnant Ladies, Housewifes
and Girls

More pregnants soon.




Mixed Galleries For You
More galleries here


More from Chrissie's Wordl of Love soon

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